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WordPress Security

Understanding The Security:

Importance of Security

Confidential information on the website is at risk and can be stolen for notorious use by the hackers.. Some malicious codes may be injected making your website to be point of spreading the infection to your users causing further security issues.

Authorizations and Permissions

Imagine 2 scenarios; One is where you have users with common simple passwords and the hacker tries to crack it by guessing or he may use some software for this, he will get it easily and can do number of things once he gains access.. Second scenario is where you have strong password and the hacker is unable to crack it, he will not be do anything except sitting idle and wasting time...

Keeping things updated and patched

WordPress, being an OpenSource software and most common one for the attackers to target. The updates are regularly circulated by the developers. These updates are very important for the application in terms of stability and security, so has to be marked as very important..

As a hosting provider, it is very much important to take some countermeasures to protect the servers from common threats. On a shared hosting, there is a risk of having it contaminating other sites on it those are sharing resources with each other..

Preventive Measures:

What preventive meaures can be taken to avoid security breach..

Login Attempts:

Automatically log out Idle Users in WordPress

Add Security Questions to WordPress Login Screen

Change the Default "admin" username

Change WordPress Database Prefix

Disable File Editing

Disable PHP File Execution in Certain WordPress Directories

Disable Directory Indexing and Browsing

Disable XML-RPC in WordPress

Fixing a Hacked WordPress Site

Install a WordPress Backup Solution

Best WordPress Security Plugin Enable Web Application Firewall (WAF) WordPress Security for DIY Users