How Does A Web Server Works

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How Does A Web Server Works

All of us knows what a website is, how useful it can for presenting you over the Internet over the globe... but have you ever thought of how does this website is presented to you or how it is accessible to you within seconds.. Have you wonder how the things you are searching is brought to you.. For example, your friend calls you and asks to check something over the web that he found was interested enough for him to get it to you.. and he gives you the web address and you browse it and finds it interested too..

What exactly is the Internet

Internet is nothing but a massive collection of computers that are linked together over a network.. This network does is pass on the information from one place to other and so forth to bring the information to you within milliseconds.. So, how are you connected to this network to get the information. From your home machine or laptop, you are connected to your ISP provider through some sort of router or Dialup connections. Once you are connected, your ISP i.e., Internet Service Provider, does all the work for you of connecting you to the globe through various topologies and technologies..


Not to hard to categories, its simply a server who serves and a client how ask for the information, so you can say Server-Client interaction is what the web server comprises of.. These connections travels, multi-millions of distance within less than second to communicate and bring back the information you asked for..

Suppose, you are in search of a person who can manage your server for you and do not know who you can contact, you got a reference from your friend about and you thought may be you can check it out and see if that is what you want.., so you switched on your computer, connected to the Internet through your Dialup connection, you are now online.

You open up the browser, and type in, the web is smart enough to know what protocol to follow for the request that is being made and automatically, adds in HTTP or HTTPS making it and you get the content and so on.. Let me take you behind the scene a bit on this..

In the browser, you typed in, a packet containing this information that you seek is passed on to your Network Card, through various layers, and then send out to the ISP, ISP the communicate with the main server that is the root server where it find the details of where are the ".COM" websites.. Get the address, go to the .COM server, and asks , Hey ! do you where I can find, it gives the address here and this packet then comes to the actual server where the has all the contents.. It then asks the webserver on that server hey, I want the information on a website pages for and webserver processes it and give it back, and the packet is taken with the required information and goes back to the origin from where it origianlly came from i.e., your machine and gives you the page that you asked for.. The amazing thing about this is that this all process took me couple of minutes to explain, but the actually process completes within milliseconds... less than a second and this is the beauty of the Internet..

I hope this has been informative to you and I would like to thank you for reading this article..