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" Outsourcing Knowledge & Skills.. Serving the best to assist the rest"

Welcome to wiki 24x7servermanagement ..! where we value ideas and new approaches...!

This is a wiki created with explore more aspects of technical concepts, overviews, and other stuffs. An effort to explain things the right way as much as possible...

Our Objectives:

  1. To put years of experience and knowledge in a theoretical manner.
  2. To discuss information on concepts on widely-searched subjects.
  3. To open discussion on things to understand the subject.
  4. To develop a community to contribute on subjects and open their views for all.

As being Systems Administrator, we have to continuously research on new things; however, do not find appropriate answers to our questions that arises from the study and spends hours to find those and think of, so an idea came into mind of developing a "wiki" that would only focus on these stuffs rather more extensively. But being a wiki, will need help from everyone interested, so we are open to discussion on this...

Topics Description
Server Management What is server management and things you should look for before you hire them to do the job for you..
IP Reputation What is IP reputation and how does it affect the mail server..
IP delisting How to delist IP address if they are blacklisted..
Web Server Functioning How do you get the information you are seeking.
WordPress Security-I Importance of WordPress Security and understanding the security issues..
WordPress Security-II Preventive measures on WordPress Security and improvisation in the security..
Phishing What is Phishing? and what are the most common types? Be aware of those..

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